The Enthronement of the new Metropolitan of…


The Enthronement of the new Metropolitan of Germany and Central Europe:
“Accept, beloved brother this staff that resembles Moses' staff by which he held the Red Sea and made people go over to the promised land...”

In Cologne and in front of a large crowd of believers, church and civic figures, His Beatitude Patriarch John X emphasized on the importance of working for peace in the Middle East, and especially in Syria.

The Patriarch’s words came in the Divine Liturgy that was held in Cologne, on the occasion of the enthronement of the new Metropolitan of Germany and Central Europe, His Eminence Isaac.

“We are in Germany, and our eyes shed tears and our heart is bleeding for our brothers in Syria who are being humiliated, killed, displaced, and abducted, including bishops, priests and innocent people who have not committed any sin, just because they are the children of these lands. We renew our call to the entire international community to initiate the logic of dialogue and the peaceful solution to resolve the crisis in Syria."

The Patriarch uttered the words while stressing the importance of the stability of Christians and coexistence with their Muslim brothers in the homeland.

The Patriarch prayed also for the stability of Lebanon and its security the importance of maintaining dialogue to resolve issues.

At the end of the Liturgy, His Beatitude delivered the pastoral staff to the new Metropolitan, saying these words: “We congratulate our Antiochian parishes in Germany and Central Europe for having this new compassionate father and shepherd.”