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Page under translation

Some social Media have recently discussed the news of the health status of his beatitude the patriarch John the X the Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch.

The (AOMC) is conveying a patriarchal message, regarding the issue .

My beloved children

In comparison to what has been taking place in the region - such as killing , displacement , and destruction - our physical pain is nothing to the difficulties our beloved people are suffering .

It was an accident that God allowed, when I slipped and hurt my left eye and shoulder .

I am recovering now, but I need some time for recuperation .

From the beginning, I did not wish to overburden you with what occurred to me, but the news had spread out quickly on all the Media .

I bow before your pure love, raising my supplication to God to protect you from every harm and evil, and to cure all your wounds

Asking for your prayers

John X