The Third Bridegroom Service - The Sinful Woman

The Third Bridegroom Service - The Sinful Woman
On Tuesday evening, we chant the famous hymn: "O Lord, the woman who had fallen into many sins”.
The wise sinful woman says: “I give You what I have, give me what You have, my myrrh will spoil, but Your myrrh is life.”
By pouring perfume on the body of Christ, the sinful woman anticipated the act of the Myrrh-bearing Women, of Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea.
Hymns contrast the sinful woman 's act with the conspiracy of Judah:
The sinful woman
She was preparing expensive myrrh.
 He sold the Lord for the cheapest price.
She was in the joy of pouring the precious perfume.
He was in anger, avid to win more.
She left the lust for money to meet the Lord.
 He left the Lord to stick to the lust for money.
She was freed from corruption and born again.
He became a servant of betrayal and died
in it.
The Gospel reading: John 17:12-50
They want to see Jesus: He raised Lazarus from the grave
Death and Resurrection: Jesus tells of his hour that will come and prays
Jesus is the Light: let us be children of light
Denying Jesus: vainglory and pride.
Conclusion: If we do not die with Christ, we will not rise with Him.
Events escalate: preparations are made for the Lord Jesus to be delivered to the crucifixion.