The Second Bridegroom Service

The Second Bridegroom Service

The icon of the Ten Virgins in this spiritual wedding shows two groups pf virgins: five are with the Lord Jesus and five cannot enter. 

The decision to forbid them from coming in, although coming from the Lord, is caused in fact by those who stayed out.vierges-sages

It is mere ignorance and senselessness to squander the Holy Spirit, the oil of joy and wisdom, thus losing eternal happiness because of an earthly enjoyment that fades away.

At length, if we look at the faces of the Ten Virgins, we see that they are all beautiful, and did not lack any qualities. This means that God did not favor any one of them above the other because the gift is gratuitous for all. Blessed is the one who struggles to win the kingdom of God.

On Monday evening, we commemorate the parable of the Ten Virgins mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew (25:1-13).

This parable gives a beautiful image of keeping vigil to meet the bridegroom of our souls, who is Christ.

The kingdom of the heavens is open to all people, but one must stay up and strive to acquire it. Are we among the ignorant virgins or the wise? Do we purify our souls of passions and lead the good combat to enter the Kingdom?

Do we always activate the spark of the Holy Spirit in us, or do we extinguish it with sins and non-repentance?

The gospel reading is from Matthew
22:15-46 and 23:1-39 and deals with:

The deception of the Pharisees: The question on the necessity of paying tribute, where Christ answers that we must distinguish between the two authorities: Caesar and God.

The deception of the Sadducees: The question about the resurrection and the answer of the Lord Jesus Christ that in the resurrection people will be like angels.

One of the scribes asked about the greatest of the commandments, and Jesus answered that it is love: the love of God and the neighbor.

Confirmation of the identity and divinity of Christ: He is the son of David and the Pre-Eternal Creator before the ages.

The false teachers scolded: telling lies and hypocrisy.

The prophecy about Jerusalem and the conclusion: you shall not see me until you say blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. 

The lesson: permanent prayer and the search for Jesus. This is called spiritual vigilance acquired through permanent prayer and practicing virtues and mercy (the oil in the lamps), with an emphasis on chastity and purity, love and faith.