The Mnemosynon for the soul of his eminence…


The Mnemosynon for the soul of his eminence metropolitan Antonio Chedraoui

Balamand June 18- 2017

The Divine Liturgy with the mnemosynon was celebrated today at the patriarchal Monastery of Balamand for the soul of his Eminence metropolitan Antonio Chedraoui of Mexico, Venezuela, Central America and the Islands of the Caribbean Sea.

The following Metropolitans and bishops were present:

- His Eminence Elias Kfoury (of Tyre, Saidon and Dependencies (

- His Eminence Ephrem Kyriakos (of Tripoli, Koura and Dependencies)

- His grace bishop Constantine Kayyal (of Zabadani)

With a group of priests and deacons.

Mr. Raed Khoury (minister of Economics) also participated representing the president of the Lebanese Republic Mr. Michel Aoun with Mr. Yacoub Sarraf (minister of National Defense), besides other ministers and deputies, with members of the late Metropolitan family, and a crowd of the faithful.

During the Liturgy his eminence Metropolitan Elias Kfoury delivered a sermon in which he, on behalf of His Beatitude John X, expressed the deepest condolences for the departed Metropolitan who played a great role in the church message in Antioch and the Diaspora as well.

After the Divine Liturgy there was the mnemosynon for the soul of the Metropolitan and condolences were mutually expressed in the Hall of the monastery.