Lazarus and US

Lazarus became rotten in this world and his body became stinky. This is what man is like inside the tomb.

What is earthly is corruptible and stinky; what man regards pride, power, or prestige, decays and is eaten up by stench and rottenness.

Nothing is left of him, because he is mere dust. Only the essence remains; and it is linked with what is superior to earthly profit.

The Lord Jesus Christ stood before death and trampled it with his death so as to restore to man who speaks of his Name, the breath of the eternal life.


Inside the tomb there is only darkness, death and rottenness. The devil rejoices to swallow up man whom he hunts after he entices him with profits that are from his fallen, fading, and empty kingdom.

Let us have a close look at the icon: there is total darkness inside the tomb, but outside there is light and life.

Why not, since Jesus Christ is life?

The Lord has become incarnate; he has become man, to lift us to his kingdom. He trampled death with his death to help us live with him. And now upon raising Lazarus, he makes us behold victory and triumph. And this is an anticipation of the resurrection.

The Lord brought Lazarus back to life, because everyone who walks with him never dies. And whoever rejoices for his sake lives, and believes in him live.

After raising Lazarus from the dead, the Lord shall walk into Jerusalem, for he does not want to hear cheering from the dead but from the living ones.

The tomb of Lazarus has been evacuated and instead of remaining a place for mourning and weeping, it became a lighthouse of glorification and cheering. It has turned from an alley that leads to the abyss of Hades, into a ladder that directs people up to heaven. 

Hence, it is inevitable to walk into the earthly Jerusalem to ascend from it into the heavenly one after we have mortified our old man to be a new creation in Christ.

Lazarus’ case and situation is like ours; we rot because of our sins and we die overburdened by them. But no matter how stinky we are, Christ shall raise us with one cry if we really desire the cry of the resurrection. 

The earthly Jerusalem looks like our hearts where our passions dwell to make us crucified and slaves under pain and suffering. Do we accept to call the Lord to walk into our hearts to reign and dwell therein?

Here is the starting point and here lies the basis of our life with Christ. And he, who anticipates this resurrection, shall seek after it forever. 

We have been created to be living not dead. And he who accepts Jesus as God and redeemer shall have endless resurrection. 

No doubt the experience of this will be through many fluctuations with ups and downs; this is inevitably human. But if one makes the Lord his God, he shall hear him cry: walk out. 

Let us say honestly with repentance: 
Hosanna; Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord
This means “God save us”. In doing so we are raised with The Lord.