The cross and the divine light- our history…

The cross and the divine light-our history witnesses

In the cathedral of St. Appolinarius in Ravenna, we see in the apse of the temple, a colossal ravenna-s_appolinare_classe12cross that goes back to the 6th century 549 A.D. 

This cross witnesses consciousness in faith to the importance of the theology of the cross, and its relation to the divine light, for it portraits the episode of the transfiguration where the Lord himself uncovered his divinity while the uncreated light shone out of him. 

In the middle of the cross, there is the Lord Jesus Christ. On the right there is Prophet Moses, and on the left prophet Elijah. Whereas the three disciples Peter James and John are represented by three sheep.

We now mention that the church starts chanting the Katavasiai of the holy cross since her celebration of the transfiguration of the Lord on mount Thabor, up until the celebration of the veneration of the holy cross that is an interval of 40 days.

Yes, the position of the holy cross is central in the Christian faith ever since the beginning of Christianity. And with the crucifixion of the Lord on it, the cross was changed from a means of death, to the destroyer of it. Consequently, it becomes a bridge from earth to eternity if we crucify our sins on it, mortifying them, so as to be born with Christ a new creation in the divine light that knows no setting.

However great is the darkness of this world around us, and no matter how many the temptations waged on us are, we must not forget that the Lord Jesus Christ has conquered death and said:” in the world you will have much trouble, but trust me, I have conquered the world”( John 16 : 33 ). 

Every cross is a passage to the eternal resurrection, no matter how big or heavy it is. It is our way to purification, if we carry it consistently and patiently.