Ecclesial Severance with the Patriarchate of…


Ecclesial  Severance with the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

( until  further notice).

27 – 6 – 2015 

Resolution  Number (ع 5 -3/ 2015 )

                    Ever since the patriarchate of Jerusalem transgressed the Antiochian Geographic Jurisdiction, establishing a new diocese to pertain to Jerusalem ,and  assigning an archbishop as well , the church of Antioch has  committed herself to solve the problem peacefully, on the ground of synergy and coordination with the other sister orthodox  churches,  in that  she can finally remove present transgression and guarantee the continuity of pastoral work in Qatar ,without exposing orthodox unity to shaking.

                    And because the Antiochian Church – ever since transgression took place ,up to the present day - has used up all peaceful means including  the mediation of the ecumenical patriarchate, besides that of the other Orthodox  sister churches  even the state of Greece ,without coming to a solution to the problem,at stake ,and because the Ecumenical Patriarchate started recently withdrawing  from what had been agreed upon, in the presence of delegates from the ecumenical patriarchate, and the ministry of foreign affairs of Greece, besides the promises made in the presence of some good-doers in some sister orthodox churches ,and as the patriarchate of Jerusalem is still going on transgressing insistingly, even with persistence, on the claim of having some canonical rights over some jurisdictions pertaining to the Church of Antioch, besides, refusing any initiative or compromise to solve the ongoing conflict.

                       On all these grounds , and upon the reaching of all initiatives  at Peaceful solution  to the problem  ,at stake, to dead lock ,And despite the fact that the Patriarchate of Jerusalem  has  already assured the indisputable  right of the Church of Antioch, over “Arabia”, including  all the Gulf States’ The fathers of the holy synod, of Antioch, have decided the following:

  • Ecclesial severance with the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, until further notice.
  • Assuring , that any solution for the conflict at stake, has to refer to what had been agreed upon in Athens June 2013
  • The Orthodox Church of Antioch, insists on the necessity of respecting “consensus”, whether it comes from the presence of all the Autocephalos Orthodox Churches, or from resolutions that have been taken at every orthodox meeting.
  • Provisions of resolutions are put in action, the moment they issue .in conclusion, no clergy man from the Church of Antioch, has the right to partake of any service , or preside  it , with other clergy-men from the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.