The risks of the virtual sex

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Virtual sex

For no price, has the user become one button press, away from all sexual acts, one can imagine.


The Subject:

The latest satanic imaginations are about to develop today: virtual sex.

Starting from satisfying physical pleasures and desires, highly developed international companies aim to develop the so-called “virtual sex” which is about to come to light.

It is three-dimensional glasses that man wears just to watch all that his desires wish to see.

More than that, man may also exercise illusionary virtual sex as he likes it, with a virtual person, three-dimensionally; he may choose the person and watch him or her through those electronic glasses.

He may also invent a personality that he wants or wishes, with special properties or traits that he selects, among some helping materials that are presented in some sort of application.

He even may invent the personality he wants with which he may have virtual sex in the presence of some figures he photographs by his camera or mobile by means of a special technique that is being developed.

What a mean thing!

Science and medicine:

If we take into consideration what science has verified that the satisfaction of physical pleasures is limitless, and invariable, and man can always seek more and more, then mankind will have entered a new dark tunnel whose end is the abyss of hell.

What is worse is that these electronic glasses will be available to all for a very low price.

It is the disgusting industry of physical pleasures, just to remind all that science is proving through its different researches the unreasonability of the so-called Libido that was launched by Sigmund Freud.

We refer the readers to watching “A dangerous method” to know more about the unreality of this theorem.

Thus, using sex as mere exercise or making, separate from love, will for sure make man a killing beast.

What is shocking about that is that there are voices that are being heard claiming that such invention will certainly reduce the number of rape crimes which are heard of, in America and Europe today.

Of course this claim is absolutely untrue, and scientists and doctors have greatly opposed it.

Helpful information:

The internet has been officially launched ever since February 1993.

One month later the greatest process of porno-material has been reported through the internet.

This shows how much the whole world is obsessed with sex; it also shows how great the relationship between pornography and internet is.

Even to the present moment and time, the porno-sites have reported the highest number of interaction. Historically, this endeavor has taken a very long time, 200 years right after the invention of printing, to publish the first porno novel in England, in 1748. Meanwhile the porno-pictures have been the first fruits of photography and have gained a high number of sales in France.

It also has not taken more than a year to produce the first porno material by a group of French producers, one year after the playing of the first film ever in 1895.

These statistics are based on international companies whose target has been great profits.

The numbers of porno films occupy the first rank among males and females of all ages, even among married people.Scientific research has proven that what stands behind the rates of suicides, crimes and rapes is real frustration in the individual, emotionally, educationally, and even among living standards.

But the emotional sector occupies the greatest sector and the ugliest kinds of individual crimes are emotional ones.

All these enforce animal instincts in man and may even take him away from the sublime values he was created for, and may even emphasize the ego strengthening closure and deflation in a world claiming communication.

It is really weird how man amidst the claims to communication is moving more and more to closure and deflation!

The medications that have been sold in great quantities, especially in the 20th and 21st centuries, and in the so- called developed or advanced countries, and are models to be followed and imitated, are in fact medications related to frustration and neurosis.

Distinction between what is realistic or virtual has been lost in the world of fragile and destructive theories with its corrupted fruits that are clear and do not need to be discussed.

Furthermore, there is nothing against developing technology if it is done for edification and not for destruction, for good and not for evil.

We hope that man remains the image of God and the project of holiness. The first protection is always faith, prevention, and the family.

God has become incarnate to take us to himself; we are his icon.

Man with all his feelings and emotions:

Since God has created man on his image and likeness, man his creature is full of feelings and emotions. And this is good. Yet, if these feelings are nourished in a wrong way, they may lead to catastrophic and destructive results.20994346_1021501617953551_6053813020145642945_n

Man has both conscious and unconscious levels. Everything he sees and reacts with, is stored in his unconscious; one layer above the other. If this unconscious is perverted, his conscious will also be perverted.

Then man is led by ideas, hallucinations and phantasies that will make him fall into many passions and discontent, and initiate him into a world full of virtual ties in order to live between reality and illusion looking for a world that does not satisfy him nor can it fill him.

Thus, he falls into consecutive disappointments and there is in him, in the name of freedom, refusal to everything around him, and the state of inner peace in him will be lost and his mind becomes confused.

Man today and since his birth, is being exposed to a very great number of virtual attacks, and on all levels.

Even what is called innocent and childish is no more as such; it all has become full of perverted and corrupted snares in one way or another.

These scenes participate in the upbringing of the child and are reflected in one’s manners and behavior, in his reactions and phantasies.

Moreover, there is the electronic development and the social mass media, mobiles, besides applications that can be uploaded to help in targeting individuals as to stab them and plant in them evil impurities.

Usually our youths shout and say:

Our minds are no more able to absorb what we receive, see and hear. This makes them slaves bound to chains; it makes them in continuous excitement and exposed to scourging agitation, making the abnormal to be normal to the extent that everything is tolerated and allowed without any restrictions.

The adult’s look to a girl and a girl’s look to a boy are no more innocent ones.

May the Lord have mercy on us for we do not know what comes next.

Moreover, there are many theories regarding homosexuality that is being strongly defended today either in ignorance, or on the basis of some theories that have not been scientifically verified. And very soon we shall hear of tripartite marriages (among three partners and they can all be either males or females. You may believe it or not.

Unfortunately our world is getting fully corrupted. It is going unlike the verse of the gospel “from glory to glory” 2 Corinthians 3:18) to become from evil to evil.

The only solution remains:

Parents have to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and translate this faith into life and education in their life with their children. 
Parents should take good care of their children.

Parents should accompany their children and talk to them.

They should behave calmly with them without anger or negative reactions while confronting their ideas and attitudes.

Parents should always be ready to communicate with them no matter how things get hard or difficult.

They should adhere to loving them because love is the only cure for any disease or problem.

Parents should accompany their children in prayer. 

Parents should refer to specialists to know more about what is going on around them.

The family is the most convenient place for discussions. It is the best place for open hearts.

This means it is necessary to find time to talk at home because it is irreplaceable remedy for everything.